Its Time To Rest, Relax, and Restore... You Earned It!
Beyond all of the basic camping amenities... a friendly staff, clean hot showers, well kept grounds, and a diverse selection of campsites, the Falls Campground offers a one of a kind camping experience.
The main attraction and centerpiece of the campground is "The Falls of Blaine Creek". While this natural wonder is not tall in stature, it makes up for it in breadth and depth. And what it produces from its sandstone and fresh clean water is something very much worth experiencing...
The sound of the water rolling and tumbling over the falls creates a peaceful oasis of rest and relaxation. The sight of white water dancing and swirling between the nooks and crannies of the falls is totally mesmerizing. The sandy beach below the falls is a wonderful spot to soak up some sun or wade in the creek. Waking to the beautiful mornings with the misty fog rising off the water as the sunrise glimmers on the glass like surface above the falls. The exceptional opportunity to fill your stringer with an rich variety of fish in the deep pools below the falls.
Come visit us when you get the chance and see for yourself why camping at The Falls Campground is...
Simply Relaxing.
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